Intercessor’s Prayer Center

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Lisle Bible Church Intercessor’s Prayer Center…
a place in which people from all faiths can request prayer and pray for others.

Prayer works:

Whether you realize it or not, prayer is working for you every day. We pray all the time-from heartfelt everyday desires to thoughtful reflections on the meaning of life. (read more)

Prayer is when you connect your highest, most positive thoughts with your most rooted faith, and then let go and allow the power of Spirit to work in your life.

When you pray, you not only send positive energy out into the universe; you also create good energy within yourself. That is why prayer has the power to heal not only the person you’re praying for but you too.

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God Bless:

Evangelist Connie Rogers (Bright Star Church Chicago)

Karen Barber (PrayerIdeas)

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