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Join Lisle Bible Church Intercessor’s Prayer Team

Being a member of the Prayer Team is an excellent opportunity to deepen your healing, peace, and understanding as you extend it to others. (read more)

Prayer is one of the most potent forms there is. When you join with God in prayer, you not only extend God’s healing energy and vision to others, you receive it yourself at that moment. As you give, so shall you receive.

How Does It Work?

We receive numerous prayer requests each day. These prayer requests are a fantastic opportunity for both the giver and the receiver. Those who submit prayers are opening the door to communication and healing from God. Those who receive prayers are allowing themselves to join with God in the process of extending His Love, Peace, and Truth in reply.

Lisle Bible Church Intercessor’s Prayer team is a group of people who join together in prayer regularly. As a member, you will receive a copy of prayer requests.

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