Post-COVID Study

Preparing Lisle Bible Church for the next 87 years, Insightful video explains process

Your participation is required to establish our Church’s Future Strategy

Lisle Bible Church has committed to complete the “COVID-19 Guide to Lead Lisle Bible Church Toward a New Normal.”

The reality of COVID-19 may not seem beautiful at the moment, but we have a unique opportunity to see Lisle Bible Church thrive today and in the days to come. This training includes nine videos and 15 downloadable documents to help us create a contextualized response and reopening plan for Lisle Bible Church.

Session 1: Realign, Restructure, Reopen

Session 3: Breaking Path Dependence

Session 2: Victim, Neutralizer, Transformer

Session 4: Strategic Realignment Grid

Session 5: We Can If … Map

Session 7: Contingency Planning

Session 6: Ministry Realignment

Session 8: Ongoing Ministry Alignment Framework

Session 9: Components of Success

Get Started in 3 Quick Steps:

1)  Access the Training by Logging In or Registering
2)  Watch the session video
3)  Complete questionnaire
and email to

Repeat for each session & help to lead Lisle Bible Church toward a new normal


Barbara King has offered her services to oversee this tremendously important task.

You may call her at 331-253-7053

Or email at

Complete watching videos & sending in the worksheets by Sunday, May 31, 2020